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I love you as certain dark things are to be loved.

Secretly, between the shadow and the soul.

Nina Najat
I'm a very unusual person, so take caution.
Music is my life. Music gives me an escape from my drama filled, teenage-angst, heart ache driven life. A chance to actually be a part of something amazing. It gives me something to believe in.
I worship Linkin Park.
I daydream 99% of the time.
I LOVE reading. It's my passion.
I hate school (duh, who doesn't?!).
I love rain. I love winter. I love the cold. I don't see the gloom in it. I see life instead.
I write sometimes. When I feel the need to. This is why I made this account.
I HATE reality.
I'm a daydreamer living in a nightmare.
I rant. Be warned.
I've always wanted to play the guitar.
I hate the sounds people make when they chew gum. It makes me want to punch them in the jaw.
I have anger issues. Well, my family thinks so.
I like to make people laugh.
I love coffee.
If you can make me laugh, I'm yours forever. Or maybe buy me chocolate. That works too.
I always imagine what could have been and what might happen.
I always think about someone before I got to bed and picture us together.
I love taking photos. Photography is one of my many hobbies.
I always say what I think, and never bullshit.
I waste so much time simply doing nothing.
I love finding really different clothes.
I’ve learned to let boys come to me.
I am actually obsessed with my lips, I always worry about them.
I never go out without my lip gloss/iPod/cell phone.
I used to be addicted to the Twilight books/movies. Now I really hate them.
I hate racism/sexism. Two things that seem to be very popular in my place. Some people are really, really, REALLY stupid.
I love listening to meaningful music.
I love keeping things even if they’re really meaningless.
I won’t do something unless I want to do it.
I always go to bed ridiculously late .
I'm in love with Wentworth Miller.
I love kisses on the nose.
I love cuddling on a cold night.
I love watching the snowfall.
I love lounging in front of the fireplace talking and drinking hot chocolate.
I love recording all my hopes and dreams in my journal.
I love dancing in the rain.
I love catching snowflakes on my tongue.
I love making Snow angels.
I don't believe in God.
I believe in love.
I love the smell of roses.
I love the feel of the damp wind on my face.
I love listening to songs that describe what I'm feeling.