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Books made into movies!

Oh. My. Gosh.

I just found out that some of my favorite books are going to be made into movies! How awesome is that?!

First off, if you didn't know this yet: I am a total bookaholic. I love reading. It's my favorite pastime. And I recently read on some of my favorite authors' websites that there might be a possibility that their amazing books might turn into movies! Yay!

Some of them are:
  1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This book (and it's sequels, Catching Fire and Mockingjay) is like the best book I've ever read. Collins is a genius. If you haven't The Hunger Games yet, DO. IT. NOW! So this isn't a "possibility" anymore, it's final! It's going to be made into a movie by LionsGate in 2011. Can't. Freaking. Wait. And better yet, the author of the books, Suzanne Collins, is going to be the scriptwriter! That's the best part; because now I don't have to worry about the dialogue being predictable and boring as some movies are *cough* Twilight *cough*. LOL. Oh, and it's about America 100 years from the present time, ruled by a dictator. So America isn't "America" anymore. It's called "Panem" and it's ruled by the "Capitol". And it's surrounded by 12 Districts. So the Capitol has everything while the Districts starve to death. And as punishment--for an uprising the Districts held years ago--they force each District to send one girl and one boy to the Hunger Games, were they fight each other to death to win. So when Katniss Everdeen's little sister is chosen, she takes her place--even though she knows she has to kill the boy who's in love with her.
  2. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. This book's been optioned by Warner Bros. I so hope it turns into a movie! Anyway, this is a really sweet, romantic and sad novel about a werewolf that's in love with a girl. Sam--our werewolf--shifts into a wolf's form each winter, or any time when the weather is cold. Meanwhile, Grace's been watching the wolves at the back of her house for years, where they linger in the woods. Among those wolves, she remembers one particular thing about one particular wolf: yellow eyes. That's why she immediately recognizes him, a naked yellow-eyed boy shot in her backyard. Throughout the book, Sam struggles to be with his summer girl, as winter comes nearer and nearer everyday. It's sequels are called Linger and Forever.
  3. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. This series gets better with each new book! Fortunately--and unfortunately--the series has one more book to go, which will be out in December 7, 2010. Richelle Mead is an amazing author. So this has been chosen by Preger Entertainment to become a movie! Yay! I'm like so happy right now, because this is my favorite vampire book! The series evolves around a Dhampir (half-human half-vampire) girl named Rose, a Moroi (mortal vampire) princess and Rose's best friend, Lissa, and another hot Dhampir named Dimitri, who's Rose's love interest. Dhampirs are trained since childhood to become bodyguards to protect the weak Moroi, who are in danger of being killed--or eaten, I guess--by the world's strongest and fiercest vampires, Strigoi. Anyway, please join the official Vampire Academy movie on facebook, and follow OfficialVAMovie on Twitter, because the more fans it has, the more likely it is that it'll be made into a movie! The series in order is: Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, and Last Sacrifice.
  4. I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You by Ally Carter. This book is a really quick, fun read and is the first book of the Gallagher Girls series, it's about three best friends attending The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women--which is a secret school for spies. Everything changes for Cammie Morgan when she meets a boy in a park while on a mission and immediately falls in love with him. But how can she be with him when she can't even tell him of her true identity--that she's a Gallagher Girl? This one's been optioned by Walt Disney. I've only read the first book, but I have the rest, so I am going to read them.
  5. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. This is not one of my favorites but I thought I'd put it here. A lot of people love the series, but not me. I don't know why. It just seemed like a Harry Potter rip-off to me. But the serious definitely has potential. The books in order are: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, and City of Heavenly Fire. The film rights to the Mortal Instruments have been optioned by Unique Features.This series is so intricate and complicated I can't even explain it and not get you confused. You have to have read the books to understand. Click the links above to know more about them. All I can say is that it's funny, sexy, romantic and action-packed.
So, has anybody read any of these books? If you haven't, go straight to the library and borrow it. You won't regret reading any of them!


Holy shit!

Oh my gosh, this is like, the HOTTEST Vampire Diaries scene ever! I've been watching for an hour and I still can't get enough of Damon Salvatore. And the music. And the dancing. And the whole scene.

The whole scene is perfect. Am the only one that can't get her eyes off of Damon? Anyway, enjoy the hotness radiating off of Damon's chest!

...And I have to stop drooling on my keyboard, LOL.